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Update: Regrettably, the Culture Cabs free rides have come to an end. Perhaps next year????

Wow! Free taxi cab rides to and from cultural events in Stratford, Ontario! Who doesn’t love that idea?
Festival Theatre

The Culture Cab project provides free cab rides to and from Stratford Perth Museum, all Stratford Festival theatres plus Festival Warehouse and Archives.

Visitors to Stratford will be able to take any Stratford cab to and from cultural locations at no charge. This will make visiting Stratford cultural destinations easier for people who don’t have a car or prefer to leave their vehicle at their hotel, bed and breakfast or friends’ home.

This project is led by the Stratford Perth Museum in partnership with the Stratford Festival, Stratford Summer Music, Destination Stratford and Stratford taxi cab companies.

The process is simple – on the website, you will see a list of the Culture Cab locations. The Culture Cab offers free taxi fares to five ‘cultural locations’ in Stratford, Ontario : Stratford Perth Museum, Stratford Festival Theatre, Tom Patterson Theatre, Avon Theatre and Studio Theatre, as well as the Festival Costume Warehouse and Archives.

Museum General manager John Kastner said that he came up with the out-of-the-box idea after stumbling upon a grant application in April of this year. The museum always had a transportation issue being on the outskirts of Stratford, Ontario, and this program provides some options to museum and theatre goers. Although the festival doesn’t have the same accessibility problems that the museum does, they were interested in being a part of the program as well.

Locals and visitors to Stratford can simply call the supporting taxi companies – Stratford City Cabs, Stratford Taxi, Aunt Gail’s Taxi, and Radio Cab – and indicate that they would like the Culture Cab fare. A car will pick them up and bring them to one of the locations free of charge. The radius of pickup is based on the partnered taxi companies. The only difference from a regular taxi is that it’s free. Easy as pie!

You can go to the Culture Cabs website to book a fare, or just call the cab company and book your ride by phone. What a great way to get around to see cultural events in beautiful Stratford, Ontario !!!!

“A cab took us to the Festival Theatre, then back to Mornington Rose. It was raining and it was Free!” Julie C. Scarborough

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