Frequently Asked Questions about our February Romantic Getaway

Q. Can I stay for one night only and get this package?
A. No, each Romantic Getaway package is for a romantic two night stay.

Q. Can I come for one of these packages any other time?
A. These packages are only available from February 1 to March 5, 2023. Don't worry, though, we will be having other packages through the year, so stay in touch!

Q. I can't come in February, but still want to come to stay with you. Do you offer Gift Certificates?
A. Yes, we have Mornington Rose Gift Certificates in any denomination. You can purchase one for your stay, then customize your package with our Inndulgences to make your holiday really special!

Q. I have food allergies. Can I still have the Charcuterie Board Dinner and meals at Mornington Rose without concern?
A. Yes, we will contact you to find out if you have any food allergies or preferences. We will prepare your meals so you will have no ill effects or difficulties.

Q. Can I have the charcuterie dinner on either night or just the second night we are staying?
A. You can have the charcuterie either night as long as you give us adequate time to prepare it for you.

Q. Is the fire-table in a covered area or out in the open?
A. Our fire-table is on a covered veranda in the winter. There are sheer curtains around the veranda as well, which makes it nice and cozy. In the summer it is placed in the gazebo in the garden.


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